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Staff In was established in 2014 on the basis of many years of experience gained in cooperation with international employment agencies. It is thanks to the passion and commitment of its people and the art of building relationships that support key values ​​that Staff In is one of the best and fastest growing employment agencies offering comprehensive and innovative solutions. The high level of services offered allows the companies that cooperate with us to build and maintain a competitive advantage.

In our business, we do not limit ourselves to recruitment, we also deal with:

  • Transportation for employees
  • Outsourcing of human resources services
  • Employee convenience
  • Legalization of foreign employment and residence
  • Legal counseling in the area of labor law

Thanks to many years of activity in various labor markets, we have acquired the ability to handle our clients’ affairs in a comprehensive manner. Companies that stay with us for years especially appreciate our holistic view of all issues related to broadly understood temporary employment.

What do we specialize in

Staff In specializes in providing temporary employees that meet the client’s needs. We employ both Poles and foreigners from Eastern Europe, especially employees from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Moldova. We have also established cooperation with countries further away from Poland, such as India, Nepal, Indonesia and Thailand.
The team of experienced Staff In specialists consists not only of human resources management experts, but also of experts from our business partner Dudziński PRO Sp. k. Thanks to such a unique combination, our organization effectively solves all employment-related issues, including:

  • Identifying the client’s requirements
  • The process of selecting candidates.
  • Allowing workers from Eastern Europe and Asia to stay and work legally;
  • An employee’s formal employment
  • Foreigner accommodation
  • Transportation for employees
  • Compensation calculation


It is innovations that increase the efficiency of all services. Our goal is to become one of the most technologically advanced and innovative companies. The innovations proposed by Staff In have brought the world of recruitment into a new era. The implementation of modern solutions, constant development, the highest quality of services offered – these are goals that constantly accompany us in our daily work.

Our experienced team

Staff In is a group of HR professionals who have been working together for several years. Each of us is a specialist in his field, and we all constantly strive to constantly improve our qualifications. We are united by a common desire to improve the labor market by adapting it to modern challenges so that it becomes a place of exchange that brings many benefits to both employees and employers.
In our naturally well-coordinated and goal-oriented team, they work side by side:

  • Managers with international experience who have successfully completed dozens of recruitment projects in Poland and abroad throughout their careers.
  • Skilled multilingual recruiters with a large network of job-seeking candidatesand are supported by
    The most knowledgeable experts in domestic labor law.
  • Foreigner employment references, with thousands of successfully completed cases involving the legalization of work and stay in Poland.
  • Attorneys who represent the company in the most complex employment-related matters.

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