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Temporary employment

We offer our partners the prospect of effectively responding to the dynamically changing needs of employment. In industries characterized by high seasonality, successful recruitment and the timely acquisition of flexible employees is a key task, the implementation of which may affect the fulfillment of obligations and the achievement of strategic goals set for the enterprise.


A solid company needs strong foundations that are laid from the bottom up by those who are not afraid of manual labor in the warehouse.
With us, you will find employees who demonstrate commitment and a positive attitude toward achieving the goals set by the organization. Together, we will complete orders, collect the goods, process returns, and ship the goods using the appropriate number of experienced warehousemen.
Distribution centers are a topic that is especially close to the Staff In Family.


Regardless of whether the final product attracts consumers’ interest, it is always necessary to find the right people to produce it.
We are distinguished by proven recruitment methods and the ability to immediately respond to the dynamically changing production needs of the plant. We have used our potential many times and successfully assigned hundreds of employees to work in enterprises producing products from the groups of electrotechnical products, furniture production, wood processing, and automotive.
At Staff In, we know how important it is to find the right people to work with.


Employment in agriculture, horticulture, gastronomy, and tourism increases in the high season. This prompts employers to look for support in recruitment and flexible solutions in the case of formalizing the employment relationship with the candidate.
Excellent service, performance, efficiency, effectiveness, and commitment make Staff In the best business partner in the field of seasonal work.

Permanent recruitment

Appropriate selection of staff is an important element of any business. We carefully verify the candidates by analyzing their knowledge, skills, and personality traits. Our recruitment is much more than just announcements, applications, and interviews. Permanent recruitment in Staff In is a carefully conducted process that guarantees the selection of the best personality that fits your organization.


Effective administration of the circulation of documents and information is like taking care of the proper bloodstream of your company.
We can identify and appreciate the key features of a reliable administrator in a dynamic office environment.


The scope of the payroll business is an area where meticulousness is valued particularly highly.
The specialists recruited by us demonstrate meticulousness and experience in keeping employee files and handling their salaries.


The creation and maintenance of modern and cost-effective solutions requires the employment of high-quality staff.
Having recruited technicians, engineers, and technologists at your disposal, it will be easier for you to face potential difficulties and to give impetus to the further development of the company.


Building a stable and well-coordinated production team clearly translates into the opportunities of your business.
The permanent recruitment process conducted by Staff In guarantees employees at the highest level, which leads to a reduction in turnover and has a positive impact on production efficiency.


The process of efficient planning and implementation of the flow of goods can be complex. Therefore, it is safer to entrust its implementation to competent, experienced, and ambitious people.
Staff In has been specializing in finding the best talents for the broadly understood logistics and e-commerce industry for many years.


The sales process is a sequence of steps that should be carefully thought out and constantly optimized. This can be helped by recruiting us—the most effective on the market—traders who back their value with measurable results.

Employee transport

Today, organized employee transport is a must-have for every large workplace. We will design the routes and schedule so that each trip is economical and ecological and, at the same time, covers the right area. We will also take care of the high comfort of passengers’ travel, which will lead to a reduction in staff turnover and increased interest in your attractive job offer.
More and more employers decide to provide their employees with transport to and from work to their place of residence. This brings tangible benefits:

  • Increases employee safety and comfort.
  • It contributes to the improvement of the attendance of the crew.
  • It encourages people who, without the guarantee of transport, would never decide to take up employment.
  • Helps to increase the employment coverage of employees by expanding the operational capacity of the organization.
  • Effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions, frees up parking spaces and eliminates unnecessary vehicle traffic in front of the workplace.

Staff In has many years of experience in employee transport management. We cooperate only with experienced carriers. Our procedures are tested and efficient.
Together with our partners, we have circled the Earth several times, carrying hundreds of thousands of satisfied passengers.
In 2021, our buses made a total round trip to the moon.
We propose an original model developed by us, including:


Order and execution in one place.
Daily report on the implementation of the budget.
Multimedia presentations.


The selection of the rolling stock is appropriately tailored to the needs of the operation.
Punctuality and quality of service audits


Best prices in the market.
Invoice monthly.
Clear budget rules.


Mapping out routes and stops.
Bus load analysis.


Monitoring of compliance with sanitary regulations (mouth-covering obligation, hand disinfection) by passengers and drivers.

Why are we your best choice?


We are aware of the necessity to adjust transport to the operational needs of the organization. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the appropriate quality of services offered.


We respond quickly to changing circumstances such as weather conditions or road repairs. We modify routes quickly and efficiently in order to optimize the time and expenses of the client. We provide buses of the right size, tailored to the contract for employee personnel. We adapt to the needs of the operation.


We use GPS and cameras installed in buses. Our data is presented in the form of multimedia presentations during online meetings or in person.


We will make the most of the fleet, which has a significant impact on the natural environment but also reduces noise and the number of occupied parking spaces at the workplace.

Accommodation for foreigners

Along with the growing demand for foreign workers, there is a need to provide them with adequate accommodation, preferably as close to the place of work as possible.
On the basis of our many years of experience in providing temporary workers, we have developed effective methods, thanks to which we are able to provide both our employees and our clients’ employees with appropriate housing conditions.
Staff In has a constantly growing accommodation base for hundreds of employees all over Poland. Depending on our clients’ needs:

  • We accommodate employees in apartments.
  • We oversee the management of entire employee hostels.
  • We delegate coordinators responsible for keeping order in large accommodation facilities.
  • We carry out social housing audits, checking the conditions prevailing in them.
  • We take care of the observance of health and safety and fire protection rules, we draw up regulations and rules for using the employee quarters.
  • We adapt employee quarters to the COVID-19 stands.
  • We manage facilities designed specifically for quarantine among employees.
    8 We provide access to basic necessities to quarantined employees.
  • We help new employees from abroad with dealing with official matters, e.g. obtaining a PESEL number, opening a bank account, changing their driving license to a Polish one.

The aim of Staff In is to enable our clients to fully dedicate themselves to the essence of their business without having to deal with accommodation issues. On the other hand, we provide our employees with living conditions that do not differ from the standard of living in our country. We want our employees to have the opportunity to really rest, e.g. by watching Polish TV or using the free Internet. We believe such actions will facilitate assimilation.

Legalization of work

Employing foreigners in Poland has become a necessity, and the staff shortages and the fast-paced economy have forced the need to look for qualified staff outside the country. Finding a candidate, however, is only the first step towards hiring him. The second, no less important stage is the legalization of his work and stay in Poland, and thus the necessity to deal with complex official matters.
Over the years, we have successfully completed thousands of cases legalizing the stay and work of countless workers from Eastern Europe and Asia. We have been cooperating closely with Voivodship Offices throughout Poland and many Poviat Labor Offices for a long time. We are familiar with none of the aspects related to the legalization of work and stay of foreigners, and our team of referees for the legalization of foreigners breaks new records in the effective submission of applications for permits and registration of declarations on entrusting work to a foreigner.
We provide a comprehensive service of legalizing employment and stay of foreigners, in particular:
Registering a declaration of intention to entrust work to a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Georgia, the Republic of Moldova, the Russian Federation or Ukraine.
Obtaining a work permit
Obtaining a permit for temporary residence and work (residence card).
We are specialists in the legalization of stay and work of foreigners in Poland. Our services are used by both small enterprises and large corporations that employ up to thousands of foreign employees.

Start up

The starting point for conducting business activity in Poland will be a thorough analysis of the market situation. An in-depth analysis of business, legal, and geographic conditions becomes crucial here. At Staff In, we provide reliable verification of each commissioned case. Thanks to our support and commitment, it will be much easier to start a new, exciting project.

Starting a new business can prove to be troublesome. We will efficiently guide you through the intricacies of Polish law and your company will start operating as soon as possible. Our clients appreciate the comfort of the continuous support of the law firm that cooperates with us on a permanent basis.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your needs based on your guidelines and requirements. Market research may cover a number of issues, the most common of which are:

  • Market research to investigate what remuneration the company should pay to its employees, while ensuring a steady flow of competent labor.
  • Geographic and demographic analysis: for companies looking for the best location to start their business in a new area.
  • Investigating the competition to better understand the challenges you face in a volatile market
  • Research on the labor market on a national scale for businesses looking for new development paths.

The rich experience and knowledge of our team allows us to entrust them with every, even the smallest, case of your company without risk. Our lawyers are also experienced in running a business, so the consulting services offered by Staff In will have a real impact on the results of your organization.

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